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Do not use fast-burning wood types pine, willow, alder in this phase of the fire because this leads to the output of a dangerous amount of sparks. Keep a fireplace fire going with bellows or a blow poker. Ensure that the fire continues burning well, because that also keeps the pull in the chimney going well and reduce the fireplace smoke. By building fires on andirons with or without a fire grate or in a fire basket, air can get under the fire, which makes it burn better and continue burning.

It is the least drastic step with a potentially big effect. People have been using this technique since prehistory, initially on a single andiron. You can test the effect of this by imitating andirons with stones.

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Increase the height of the fireplace grate or of the fire basket. By increasing the height of the fire grate, the fire is closer to the chimney channel, whereby the draft is also improved. You can test the effect of this by raising the fireplace grate or the fire basket with stones. Open the window and turn off the kitchen exhaust hood. An open fireplace uses approximately - m 3 of air per hour for the exhaust of combustion gases and burning of the wood. In well-insulated homes, the movement of so much air quickly presents a problem.

This creates reverse pressure, and the smoke soon comes into the house. This reverse pressure can also be created by a kitchen exhaust hood in well-insulated home.

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Opening the window is naturally an option, but it is not an attractive solution in the winter. Lower the opening of the open fireplace, for example by attaching a strip of fireproof glass cm high at the top of the opening of the fireplace. This brings the stream of air closer to the fire, and the fire will burn better. In the past, strips of fabric were also used for this.

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You can test the potential effect of this by, for example, temporarily placing a piece of wall board at the top of the fireplace. Install an air grill. By installing an air grill in or close to the fireplace with a tube with a diameter of 15 cm from the crawl space or through the outside wall the flow of air will be increased. Get advice about this solution from a professional before you install the air grill.

Install a ventilator in or on the chimney. This is a pretty significant step, not only because it is a rather pricey solution. There namely has to be electricity run to the ventilator and from the ventilator to the operating switch. In addition, the device has to be maintained annually. It is also important for this solution that you first get advice from a professional. Improve the smoke channel. Start with blocking in shapes and covering basic anatomy, to carving out the elephant's mass and form of the body before diving into the details of this beautiful animal's skin.

Want to learn how to draw a bear that doesn't look like a teddy?

I Want to be a Graphic Designer But I Can't Draw...

This drawing tutorial offers pro tips for getting the anatomy right, so that you can create a believable bear. Fur can be difficult to paint effectively. Once you've learned how to draw animals, you need to know how to make them work effectively within your paintings. This series of pro tips gives you great insight into drawing cartoon animals with personality, and how to use body language to tell a story with your creatures. Whichever kind of artist you are, learning how to draw the human form is a fundamental skill that will serve you well.

In this brilliant video tutorial, character designer and illustrator Masae Seki will teach you how to draw a person that's realistic and anatomically correct. This narrated step-by-step tutorial for beginners walks through exactly how to draw an eye. Drawing a full human figure is no easy feat.

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In this almost hour long video tutorial, discover how to draw a female figure, covering fundamental aspects including figure proportions, gestures, poses and fluid lines. Learn how to draw muscles in motion and harness the power of gesture with this helpful step-by-step guide from artist Patrick J Jones.

Another tutorial for beginners, this video explains how to draw faces from scratch. Noses are notoriously difficult to get right. In this tutorial, Kate Oleska breaks the process down into simple steps.

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She's using oils, but the steps are relevant to any medium. This detailed video walks through how to draw hair. If you want to find out how other artists draw hair, this is worth a watch. Learning to create realistic hands is a stumbling block for many an artist.

This fantastic tutorial breaks the process down into easy steps, so you'll be drawing realistic hands in no time. It also features some bonus tutorials for drawing hands. You might know how to draw flowers generally, but do you know to draw a rose?

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It's one of the most popular flowers around, yet many artists hit a wall when trying to figure it out — here's a step-by-step guide to nailing how to draw a rose. This tutorial walks though how to create an atmospheric landscape using chalk pastels, including how to create intensity and use highlights effectively. If you want to learn how to draw water, this super short tutorial has some great tips.

Give it a watch if you need to know how to draw realistic drops of water. Quick links 1. Draw better horses with a solid understanding of horse anatomy and mechanics.

The 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Draw, (And What to Do About It)

Use scattering-type texture brushes to blend elements and give the illusion of fur. Discover how to add personality to creatures and characters that will make viewers care. See more Illustration articles.