Six Pack of Murder (A collection of short stories)

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Richard, his brother is a an excellent support to his brother. Very, very good. I hope that Ms. Bartlett will write more books on Jeff Resnick and his family and their adventures. Yes, the narration was easy to listen to and easy to understand. When Jeff shows that he is not a fake. Which scene was your favorite?

When Jeff had to take care of the baby by himself. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? Any additional comments? An astronaut returns from a mission to Venus after coming into contact with a strange alien mutagen. Upon his return, he discovers that eyeballs are growing out of his hands! This one is just too much fun to miss You've probably heard of this one: a series of very weird and unfortunate events causes an industrial laundry press to become possessed by a demon.

No, I don't know where the hell this guy comes up with all this stuff.

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King has a way of turning an ordinary blue collar life into grisly death. This one was turned into a movie directed by Tobe Hooper a few years back, and it stars Robert Englund. Yes, it's as bad as you think. You've probably heard of this one, too. Because King tried to direct a movie based on this story.

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Motor vehicles have inexplicably come to life and decide to murder all humans who disobey them. The doomed characters in this story suffer a very tragic end that's almost poetic. By the way, the movie King directed is called Maximum Overdrive , and it's the only time anyone was crazy enough to let this guy behind a camera.

Okay, you're probably wondering why I totally skipped "Children of the Corn. That said, yes, read it or whatever. A teacher is haunted by three psychotic greasers from his childhood.

After those around him begin to die, he realizes that he has to fight pure evil with pure evil. Truly creepy.

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King loves tormenting little kids in his stories, and believe it or not, "Here There Be Tygers" is one of the lighter examples. And it has nothing to do with the Ray Bradbury story of the same name. In King's story, a little boy really needs to go to the bathroom, but is too frightened to do so when he encounters a tiger in the school lavatory.

Because of course there's a tiger waiting in a bathroom.

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King has said that this was one of his earliest stories, written when he was in high school. This a weird one. A diabolical cymbal-banging monkey toy torments several characters through the years. How does a toy cause such dread in its owner?

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Well, every time it bangs its little cymbals, someone or something dies. Simple enough. In a sort of "campfire story" format that's quite fitting for King, a mysterious club in Manhattan gathers to tell tales of the strange and grotesque. Today, Kapalbhati is a quick-fix pill. I practise Kapalbhati regularly," says Subhash. Rao, a year-old software executive, used to be an alcoholic. Then someone told him about Kapalbhati. Within 10 days, I was drinking more, was agitated, irritable and had developed migraines.

Then he met a guru, who told him to stop Kapalbhati immediately. In three months, I was fine," he says. Some years ago, G. Khairnar, a former deputy commissioner of the Bombay Municipal Corporation, famously had to be rushed to hospital after he overdid Kapalbhati, and industrialist Vijay Mallya reportedly stopped practising it when it aggravated an existing ailment. Kapalbhati, one of the Shatakriyas, was considered potent long before Ramdev made it popular. In , a panel of senior doctors across the country, in association with The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai, conducted a project to study the effects of Kapalbhati on a control group.

While each kind of Pranayam has benefits, each also has contraindications.

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I recently had a patient with a lapsed abdominal wall who developed a hernia. Firstly, yoga is a way of life, not just some generalized exercise. Benefits need to be validated. The very basis of Ashtanga yoga is progressive graduation from asanas to Pranayam, the fourth step of yoga. A guru ensures you can channel the results. It has to build up. Even at a basic level, asanas effect physical and glandular changes," adds Gokhale.

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The miracle cures being used to sell Kapalbhati only work at a complex, advanced level, say the experts. She points to the Bihar School of Yoga, which has health management courses for those who use Kapalbhati more regularly for ailments.