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But a golden rule of thumb is to say no to foods with refined sugars, GMOs, preservatives and added chemicals or colors, and say yes to whole foods. You actually get to eat a wide variety of foods! Instead of filling up on processed junk foods, indulge in whole foods. Clean eating focuses on ingredients like whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies, quinoa and brown rice, along with organic lean proteins, eggs and wild caught seafood. Fix : Change your mindset and accept that clean eating is a lifestyle of healthy habits.

Go ahead and spice things up in the kitchen. While Thiefels has a restricted diet due to health, she still is able to explore new recipes and indulge of favorite comfort foods. For example, I do pizza Sundays, even though I can't have tomato sauce, gluten or cheese.

I make the chickpea flour crust, and use creamy goat cheese as the base and then crumbled goat feta on the top along with veggies. It's all about creativity, and that pizza is amazingly delicious; the highlight of my week.

Top 5 Nutrition Mistakes Every Tween Makes

One of the easiest ways to derail yourself from eating clean is not being prepared. Clean eating can be time-consuming because you should ideally plan and prep your meal plans and dishes. Does this mean you need to have every single meal in pre-measured in tupperware? When you do imbibe, Stuart recommends avoiding liqueurs and sticking to clear spirits like tequila or vodka instead.

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There are a few myths about calories that people believe. When it comes to eating healthy, DeFazio says that one mistake people make is not knowing how many calories they need in a day and how many calories are in the foods they eat. Portion control is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, even if what you are eating is healthier than a bag of chips. Calories are important, but ultimately, it's most important to focus on the quality and quantity of what you're eating.

Being more mindful of your food can help you make better decisions and turn healthy eating into a habit, not a chore.

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A calorie is a calorie, but calorie content is only one aspect of a food. In other words, the amount of calories in a food don't determine how nutritious it is.

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It's important to pay attention to the source of your calories, according to Stuart. She encourages people to prioritize the sources of their calories and put vegetables first. Many people focus so much on counting calories that they forget about paying attention to portion size. But portion control is essential for maintaining a healthy weight because it can help teach your body when it's full and when it's hungry. There are lots of tips online for measuring portion size , but here's a look at what the serving size of your favorite foods should look like.

Emily DiNuzzo contributed to an original version of this story. Emily DiNuzzo and Cameron Evans. Eating healthy isn't very complicated, but there are a few mistakes nutritionists and doctors often see people make.

Healthy eating mistakes that are making you FAT | The Times of India

Quality and quantity both need to be considered when choosing what to eat. There are indeed 'healthy' eating mistakes that many of us end up committing, due to lack of knowledge, or let's say, due to overload of knowledge that has left us all confused. So while you are eating everything healthy, you are still finding it tough to drop kilos. If this struggle sounds real, then you are most likely making these mishaps that are sabotaging your weight loss goals.

You are given a pack of potato chips. You will most likely pick a few and leave the rest, knowing pretty well they are bad for your health goals. Now imagine somone giving you a pack of organic, baked, low fat, wheat chips. Chances are that you will end up eating the whole pack, simply because the label has managed to convince you that it is healthy.

Eat sauerkraut if you have a cold

While the organic pack had fewer calories than a pack of potato chips but by eating the whole pack, you have had the same amount of calories that you were previously avoiding. So don't get carried away by labels. Certainly there are many healthy preparations but just like the misleading food labels, not knowing about the right portions can play with your health goals. A handful of almonds doesn't mean a bowl of almonds, similarly a bowl of oats pudding doesn't mean a large serving.

Healthy eating mistakes that are making you FAT

So be careful about how much you eat and how you prepare it. If it is helping them, it does not mean that it will help you too.

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There are chances that you are already eating enough fruits and vegetables and adding this green juice to your daily diet may end up halting your weight loss progress. The simple logic behind this could be the fact that extracting juices not blending removes fibre, which is a beneficial nutrient. Sometimes we over snack and even end up skipping meals because of that. This is an unhealthy practice. Even if you are having makhanas or roasted channas, over indulging in them will make you gain weight. People who love snacking also get lured by unhealthy options.

So find out what triggers your over snacking? Is it an impending work, demanding children or simply boredom. Tackle the reason before anything else. Many people end up having light midday meals thinking that will help them bring down their calorie intake. But little do they realise that by snacking and having a heavy dinner they come around the same calorie number.