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Good job guys! This cd is exactly what I needed. This album is amazing, it consists of continuous ambient soundscapes, and what makes it even more interesting is that this album was recorded live so the sounds of the people and other sounds can be heard on occasion, the album lasts for about an hour and the tracks all play in to each other, so it is best enjoyed in its entirety from start to finish This cd is awesome!

No words, no pauses between songs If music sets your mood this is definitely a cd for you!!! Created using three MiniDisk players on shuffle and loop modes, the sounds produced by dreamSTATE for this installation were pure, deep ambience as originally defined by pioneer Brian Eno: Music that merges with the surroundings to create a different listening experience with every listen.

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And since it was recorded using an open microphone, sounds from the street and gallery space hum through the mix and merge with the sounds in the listener's environment, blurring the line between realities - just as the title suggests. Greg Clow - Chart Magazine. This is a great cd. Nothing really happens throughout the entire disk yet it remains inriguing and soothing and never gets boring.

Even my wife likes this! Keep up the good work guys. Soft electronic washes phase in and out in an ever-changing state of ebb and flow. Totally beatless and smooth, the lush chords swirl mistily, merging and remerging into different billowing configurations.


Trickling water sounds run through several passages, as do occasional waves of rippling electro-distortion. It translates into a dreamy hour-long listen for your own environs.

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David J. Opdyke - AmbiEntrance. Excellent CD! Radiates a sense of calm, very good for relaxing; Reminds me a lot of the calm releases of Brian Eno; I'm happy to have a copy of this recommendable release! Mark edited May 27, The end result not only makes for excellent sleepy-time listening, but forces you to confront the unsung musique concrete in your creaking floorboards and booming furnace - generic household sounds will happily blend into the mix if you let them.

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Rigid conscious thought starts to dissolve into the gently lapping waves of early stage dreaming and the world becomes a little more hallucinatory, your thoughts a little more untethered. Known as the hypnagogic state, it has received only erratic attention from researchers over the years, but a recent series of studies have renewed interest in this twilight period, with the hope it can reveal something fundamental about consciousness itself.

It is brief and often slips by unnoticed, but consistent careful attention to your inner experience after you bed down can reveal an unfolding mindscape of curious sounds, abstract scenery, and tumbling thoughts. The would-be-sleeper was asked to press a button when he experienced an intrusive thought or image, and to verbally report it to the sleep researchers.

Unexpectedly though, the hypnagogic intrusions were preceded not by sudden bursts of complex brain activity, like sparks in a fading candle, but by sudden changes to a more orderly brain state. Noreika is working on the hypothesis that when we enter sleep, the brain steadily dismantles the models and concepts we use to interpret the world, leading to moments of experience unconstrained by our usual mental filters. This is intuitively appealing and would fit with one of the most curious aspects of the hypnagogic experience: Our thoughts can stray towards tumbling horses, zips and violins but they also can seem completely unremarkable, and indeed, entirely reasonable, until we are jolted from our reverie.

You too can learn how to lucid dream, but it takes practice. If you want to join their elite ranks, keep reading. A lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. Many people wake up from lucid dreams, but lucid dreaming is the practice of staying in the dreamstate and exploring it. In some cases, the practice goes beyond that. Lucid dreamers may use certain techniques in order to influence their brains to dream about a particular problem or idea.

In this way, lucid dreamers are able to train their minds to work toward their goals while they sleep, such as improving their confidence or athletic ability. For example, a person with social anxiety might use the dream to play out different social situations, allowing themselves to practice engaging with others and see that nothing scary happens.

Dreams About No Eyes.

After practicing in the lucid dream, they might feel bolder about trying those same techniques in the real world. Lucid dreamers are also able to open up their minds to be more creative, by exploring the dreams that they experience. By taking agency and making active decisions through the dream, rather than passively experiencing them, they can make creative connections and test how things work.

Lucid dreaming occurs during the REM stage of sleep. During REM , most of our muscles become paralyzed, in order to prevent us from injuring ourselves while acting out our dreams, However, our eye muscles are still able to move.

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Since the movement matched their real eyes, researchers were able to study the impact to brain waves and other biological functions while they slept. Lucid dreaming takes time and practice to learn. By regularly practicing the following techniques, you can train your brain to lucid dream. Dreams occur during REM, the last stage of your sleep cycle which occurs in increasing amounts during the second half of the night. To enjoy more dreams, you need to enjoy more restful sleep to ensure you get as much REM as possible.

Good news: REM is also associated with better memory, improved focus, and greater emotional regulation! To get better sleep, follow good sleep hygiene. Keep your bedroom as dark, cool, and quiet as possible.

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