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Buy This Book Online. About the Book. The characterization, research and emotions weave a wonderful story that will leave readers rooting for the couple through each stage of the journey. Other books in "The Hearts of Faith Collection". Rebellious Heart. The Preacher's Bride.

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Look Inside. Do not criticize people. Now back to this minister. He said, "It finally dawned on me what you were saying. Or, really, I should have said it finally dawned on me what the Word of God says on the subject of faith. So when I would take that medication I would say, "I believe I receive my healing. That is acting on God's Word. That is what Jesus said to do in Mark Jesus said to believe you receive.

I didn't say I am healed. That's not what Jesus told me to believe. He told me to believe that I receive and then I will have it. So I believe that I receive it.

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He kept holding fast to that over a period of many months. The last time I talked with him he was 72 and it had been years since he'd had any kind of medication. That beats dying at 36 like the other minister who had the same disease. Some would say, "It was just God's will. He healed one of them, and the other one He didn't. One of them took advantage of what belonged to him.

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He took time to get into the Word and get faith and practice it. The other just acted on presumption and missed it. A husband and wife, both ordained ministers graduated from one of the best Pentecostal Bible schools in America at that time, were attending a meeting we held in the western part of the country. The wife wore glasses. They looked to be a quarter- to a half-inch thick. She was a pretty young woman about 28 at this time, but her glasses were so thick they marred her looks. Sitting right across the table in front of me she said, "Brother Hagin, I came up the other night in the healing line.

You laid hands on me for my healing and I pulled off my glasses. Now I've worn glasses since I was a child. My eyes would never focus. They started to operate on me a few times, but they would decide against it. It took those strong-lensed glasses to hold my eyes in focus.

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I could see that her eyes were not focusing. She continued, "I pulled off my glasses, but I can't see any better than I could. I have to drive the children to school and I can't even see the center median on our street. I'm liable to run right up over it. Pulling off glasses will not heal you. If it would, all a person would have to do is pull his glasses off and he would automatically be healed. But she thought that was an act of faith. Yet there are other ways to act our faith.

We need to realize that. I said, "Put your glasses back on—that's what you're going to do. But, don't give up on your confession. Here is a way to exercise your faith. You have come to see the truth of God's Word in Mark Notice what Jesus said to believe. It is really so simple when you start doing what Jesus said to do and what the Bible said to do, instead of doing what you think you ought to do, or what somebody told you to do, or what somebody else did.

You see, God might even have told somebody else to do something which worked for them. But if He did not tell you, don't do it.

Jesus said, "When you pray, believe That you have them? He said to believe that you receive them. And what will happen? And ye shall have them. No, Jesus did not say, believe you have them and you will receive them. He said, "believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. You do not believe you have it. Or them. You will note that the word "them" is italicized in the King James. You don't have to believe it.

If this woman had possessed her healing she would not have needed her glasses. She is not to believe she has it—she is to believe that she has received it and she shall have it.

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When is she going to have it? After she believes she receives. I said to her, "Mark says to believe you receive. You do not have to believe you have it. It is quite obvious you do not have it. But do this. The last thing every night, when you take off your glasses, say, 'I believe I receive my healing. He didn't ask you to do any more.

Your business is to see that you believe you receive it. His business is to see that you have it.

Don't try to tend to His business. Don't even talk about His business. Let Him tend to it. You tend to yours.

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As often as you think of it—and see that you do think of it—say 'I believe that I receive my healing. We left and went on our way. Every once in a while we would get a letter from these folks with an offering. Five years later they were living in another state and we were in the area ministering. So we went to their home and stayed with them a couple of days between meetings. It is in the Golden Rule and in the valor of men, however ignoble their shortcomings. Along with this novel, many of her works were adapted into film and mostly reflected opposing the idea of a traditional woman and indicated a wealthy lifestyle.

A complete list of her works can be found on the Internet Archive here. In the s, Baldwin became familiar as one of the "guiding faculty members" of the Famous Writers School , a correspondence school that drew criticism for allegedly deceptive advertising. Eberhart , John Caples , J. An inattentive reader mistakenly could have inferred from the ad copy that these writers personally reviewed and provided critiques of students' work.

Baldwin died of a heart attack in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Faith Baldwin. Charles Scribner's Sons, The New York Times.

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