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He was my angel, my husband, my best friend and always will be. His wife Susan, pleaded with his fans to pray for Sid, after he was involved in an accident and taken to intensive care. In the lead up to his death, he even starred in the recent film, 3 From Hell, released in cinemas last week. The year-old had recently been hospitalised after he was involved in an accident that has not been clarified. We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team?

The build up is the key here, as each of the murderous members of the crew is taken out one by one—in some of the most unforgettable scenes of revenge we've ever seen.

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If you can make it past the mentally taxing first hour, The Last House on The Left quickly becomes one of the best horror movies of all time. The Exorcist gave us the most foul-mouthed and most vomit-filled mouth demon in the history of cinema.

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To watch The Exorcist is to give a little piece of yourself to hell for all eternity. The Exorcist is more than a horror film. There have been many Texas Chainsaw movies in the past few decades, the next one seemingly gorier than the last, but the original version by Tobe Hooper has an inimitable grittiness that makes it more nightmarish than its less popular successors. The idea of a family of killers, including a member who wears human skin over his own face, is truly disturbing, and they exercise their terror to full power when two siblings and their friends visit their grandfather's home in a Texan countryside.

All the screaming and bleeding will haunt you, but so will the behind-the-scenes stories: blaming "going insane" from the unbearable heat, Leatherface actor Gunnar Hansen actually sliced open Marilyn Burns' finger because the fake blood clogging was holding up production. Now how badly do those screams haunt you? Every single element of the film, about a shark that terrorizes a beach, functions like flawless clockwork. Yet it has such humanity, as if that clock is single-handedly operated by a mad genius with mastery over every gear and bolt.

Jaws is a bonafide classic, an enduring cinematic adventure that never loses its effect. Swimming in the ocean would never be the same again. On top of all that, she has a truly insane, religious nut for a mother who torments her at home. The endless horrors that Carrie continually absorbs between school and home show just how easy it is to wear someone to their breaking point. Has there ever been a film that uses the color red better? Even the blood in Italian horror maestro Dario Argento's cult classic oozes in a stream of a fantasy hue.

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Jessica Harper plays young and wide-eyed American ballerina Suzy, who gets accepted to a prestige ballet school in Germany. But when her schoolmates start dropping dead in horrendous ways, she realizes something witchy is in the air. Beautiful and terrifying, Argento's essential horror film comes with one of the best horror movie soundtracks, scored by Italian prog rock band Goblin. Fifteen years earlier, a young Michael Myers murdered his older sister and was committed to a mental hospital. He escapes and comes back to murder many more people in his hometown, which includes Laurie Strode played by horror queen Jamie Lee Curtis and her group of friends.

It made a star out of Curtis, who maybe set the bar for future horror heroines a little too high. Just watch Room , a documentary dedicated entirely to sussing out what The Shining is REALLY about… because the uncertain feeling the movie leaves you with is terrifying.

A group of teens, headed by Bruce Campbell in a Canadian tuxedo, amble into an abandoned cabin and accidentally invoke an evil spirit, becoming possessed with the urge to kill in increasingly colorful ways. Everything about The Thing is so impersonal. The workers who are willing to isolate themselves by taking a job literally at the end of the earth are certainly closed off to others, so predicting which one has been overtaken by the monster isn't an easy task, making it that much scarier.


The Thing is one of the greatest paranoia thrillers; it's the bodily modifications that push it into chilly and detached escalations of pure terror. Watch 'Sleepaway Camp' on Shudder. All that anyone talks about when they talk about Sleepaway Camp is the shocking ending. But when you first watch Nightmare on Elm Street , Freddy is scary with a capital "S" because of what he can do to you while you are sleeping. A group of teens led by final girl badass Heather Langenkamp are tormented by Freddy while they are sleeping, but the dead bodies are very real once they awaken.

Re-Animator has a sex scene that perfectly encapsulates the viewing experience of this twisted H. Lovecraft adaptation. The Fly is quintessential Cronenberg body horror. Goldblum stars as eccentric scientist Seth Brundle, who is hell-bent on developing cutting edge technology for matter transportation. But he accidentally fuses his DNA with that of an errant fly found in the crosshairs of the experiment. Be afraid, be very afraid. Watch 'Hellraiser' on Shudder. Ditching the surefire slasher formula for something far more esoteric, Hellraiser is the ultimate cautionary tale against opening strange, decorative boxes.

Hellraiser has sexy subtext and scares in droves, which keeps its plentiful gore from getting monotonous, hitting more than a few notes of red-blooded lust and carefully calibrated dread to keep things plenty interesting. Don't lie— Child's Play probably had you looking at your dolls at little differently. Before Toy Story made the idea of living toys a child-friendly box office hit, Charles Lee Ray affectionately known as Chucky cornered the market in fun-sized chaos.

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The story of a boy and his psychopathic doll, Child's Play attempted to build the mystery behind Chucky before fully revealing what he could REALLY do midway through the movie. State of the art special effects and stellar performances by Brad Dourif who has voiced Chucky in every movie in the franchise since , child star Alex Vincent, and Chris Sarandon catapulted a silly concept into a true horror classic. But thanks to its full commitment to B-movie cheese and a near-gonzo approach to the genre, it does manage to qualify as pretty damn great. The tale follows a white-bread, New England family headed up by a particularly denial-prone patriarch Dale Midkiff.

They move into a new home adjacent to both a well-traveled highway and a mystical cemetery that has the ability to raise animals from the dead. Pet Sematary , gleefully dark as ever, takes its time before killing the family's youngest son in a heavily foreshadowed semi-truck collision. Of course, things don't go so well. Both goofy and grotesque, Pet Sematary nonetheless presents bracingly terrifying ideas of the horror of death and our lack of control over it. Regardless, Pet Sematary is certainly deserving of its cult status.

30. The Mist (2007)

The scariest movie of was televised. It is a particularly manipulative horror movie—especially if you watch it for the first time at a young age—that capitalizes on the well-worn fear of clowns and the terrors of childhood. As clowns become a source of real-life scares, one doesn't need to emphasize how horrifying those bozos can be.

FYI: It will also change the way you look at storm drains forever. One of the most prestigious horror films—it won Best Picture at the Academy Awards, becoming the only horror film to do so—Jonathan Demme's Silence of the Lambs is an indisputable masterpiece that birthed two iconic movie villains.

Jodie Foster stars as FBI trainee Clarice Starling, who's tasked with picking the brain of the scariest psychopath on the prison block, Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

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She does so in order to track down another serial killer by the name of Buffalo Bill, who kidnaps, kills, and wears his female victims like clothing. But Dr. Lecter has more than a few tricks up his sleeves, while Buffalo Bill moonwalks with his penis tucked between his legs in this acclaimed thriller. While the name of the game may change, as a kid you always learn about some mysterious figure who, when their name is uttered in the dark in the mirror, they appear and wreak havoc.

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  • 29. Saw (2004).

Candyman takes that urban legend and breathes life into it. Every day for the month of October, Coming Soon is making a new horror movie recommendation for those eager to find a new frightening flick for Halloween. Jay and her friends discover that the unrelenting nightmare is passed from person to person through sex, essentially a paranormal and predatory STD. Left without the comfort of knowing what the enemy looks like as it is capable of appearing like any ordinary person, Jay and her pals desperately search for a way to put an end to the curse before more bodies drop.

A particularly great sequence takes place on the beach when the thing attacks, leaving the audience guessing up to the last second whether or not the girl walking behind Jay is her friend or the monster. Besides its intense horror vibe, It Follows is also a showcasing of deeply bonded friendships and the type of loyal buddies we all wish we had willing to go to the extreme for us.

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